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About Us

The people at Tri-Con Materials have been in the aggregate business since 1968. Founder Richard "Dick" Nelson formed Walnut Sand and Gravel with his brother Ronald Nelson and operated various locations in Bureau, Putnam and Marshall Counties. Walnut Sand and Gravel operated pits in Walnut, Hennepin and Henry that provided quality washed aggregates to be used in asphalt, concrete and base material applications.

In 1992, Richard formed Tri-Con Materials with Steve Nelson and Steve Harmon. This union company started operations at Serena in LaSalle County (this location is no longer operated by Tri-Con). In 1997, we revised the operating policy of the aggregate companies and Tri-Con Materials became the operating entity of the Walnut Sand and Gravel pits.

Hennepin is now Tri-Con Materials home base of operation and is the largest active gravel pit located on the Illinois River. Presently, Tri-Con Materials also has one active gravel pit in Walnut. The gravel pit in Henry is currently not in operation, but has 240 acres of aggregate reserves for future considerations.

All of our locations have a variety of State (Illinois) inspected products as well as specially products upon request. All of our facilities support truck load out. Hennepin also has barge load out capabilities.

During the past thirty years it has been our goal to provide quality products for our customers. It has always been company policy to produce products the customer wants when they need them. That has been the way we do business and will continue to do so in the future.