Aggregate for Construction in Central Illinois

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Tri-Con Materials has been the leading provider of State-approved aggregate for construction projects in central Illinois for over 54 years. We offer every type and size of natural and crushed gravel aggregate needed for road-building projects, and can handle any volume from very large State-contract work to smaller projects for the landscape contractor or homeowner. No matter the scale and size of the job, our materials will have you (and your surfaces!) covered.

Our Products

Our products include both washed and unwashed sand, stone, and special materials from central Illinois like mixed sand, gravel, boulders, fill dirt, oversize aggregate, and more. If you need it, we have it in our 50,000 ton reserve



Special Materials

Calculate Your Tonnage

Need assistance determining how much aggregate for your construction project in Illinois you needt? Start with our job calculator to find out the total tons required based on the size of the job. Still not sure? Contact us, one of our experts would be happy to talk with you about your job, your requirements, and the amount of aggregate for your construction product in Illinois you’ll need.

Quality Materials

We practice tight quality control and quality assurance to be sure our aggregate products meet not only the requirements of the State of Illinois but the exacting standards of our customers, no matter the size of their operation or project. Tri-Con can provide high-volume quantities for construction projects or contractors, or smaller amounts of quality materials to landscapers or home-owners who are taking on improvement projects around a property.

Our Locations

When it comes to getting your aggregate forconstruction sites in Illinois, we offer a variety of options. Larger operations can pick up at our plants via dump truck or by using our barge loading facility at our Hennepin plant located on the Illinois River.

Need delivery to your location? No problem! We offer truck delivery to get you the aggregate supplies you need, on-time and on-site. See our Locations for the cities that fall within our delivery area within Illinois and our neighboring states.