No matter the size of your project – from large-scale road building to smaller landscaping or home projects – Tri-Con Materials has the aggregate and landscaping materials in Illinois that you need to complete the job.

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Natural round washed sand that meets Illinois fine aggregate specifications. This material is used in concrete production, trench fill, beach sand, sand boxes and many other applications.


Commonly referred to as buckshot. This washed round material meets Illinois fine aggregate specifications. It has many uses from drainage to being lightly spread on roads to prevent oil from bleeding in the hot summer. Many companies use this in their dewatering process.

FM-20/ FM-21/ FM- 22

These fractured sands meet a modified Illinois state fine aggregate specification. This material is primarily used in asphalt production. Like most fractured products they can be compacted. They can be used for a base under pavers or many other landscaping uses.

CA-2 100% fractured type A

This fractured base stone meets Illinois state coarse aggregate specifications. It is primarily used as a base under CA-6 for road construction.

CA-6 100% fractured type A

This fractured material meets Illinois coarse aggregate specifications. Primarily used for surface in road construction, it is great for driveways, under concrete, small sheds portable sheds and many other applications.

CA-6 partial type B

Meeting the state qualifications this material is generally used on side roads and under concrete as a base prep. It is a partially fractured product and compacts well.

1”-2 ¼”

Commonly used for landscaping or for drainage purposes but has been used as a roofing product. This product looks great next to buildings and in areas that may erode at times. It’s a round washed rock with many different colors throughout.

CA-7 5/8”-1”

This material is used for landscaping and drainage but can be used in certain concrete mixes. It’s a round washed material that is easily moved and leveled.

CA-16 3/8” round

This washed round material meets IL. State coarse aggregate specifications. It’s primary uses are seal coating and trench back fill but can be used for almost any drainage purpose.

CM-16 fractured

Meeting IL. State coarse aggregate specifications this fractured product is used in asphalt and chip sealing road projects.

Flat Rock

In Illinois, it’s used for landscaping material and erosion control. This product makes a wonderful small retaining wall or gives a great look to the side of a stream.


We have many sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from. They make a great wall or accent piece in any landscaping project.

Products by Location

The following is a breakdown of our products by our locations/gravel pits. This is useful to determine where to purchase landscaping material in Illinois or where to pick up your specific type of aggregate. If we will deliver to you, we’ll take care of choosing the best location.

Hennepin Pit, Hennepin, IL

Note that this location on the Illinois River also offers barge-loading facilities for very large loads.

Walnut Pit, Walnut, IL
  • FA-1 Washed Sand
  • FA-2 Natural Round Sand
  • FA-4 1/4″ Washed Sand
  • FA-6 Fill Sand
  • FA-20 Crushed Washed Sand
  • FA-21 Crushed Unwashed Sand (When Available)
  • FA-22 1/4” Crushed Chip
  • Ice Control Course Sand (When Available)
  • Fill Sand
  • FM-22
  • CA-1- 3″ Round (3″-6″)
  • CA-2 100% Crushed Base Material Type A
  • CA-5 – 2″ Round
  • CA-5 – 2″ Crushed (When Available)
  • CA-6 – Road Gravel 100% Crushed, Type A
  • CA-6 – Road Gravel Partieal Crushed, Type B
  • CA-7 -1″ Round (B-Rock)
  • CA-10 – Road Gravel Partial Crushed, Type B
  • CA-11 – 100% Crushed
  • CA-13 – 1/2″ 100% Crushed Chips (When Available)
  • CA-14 – 5/8″ Round Cover Coat
  • CA-16- 3/8″ Round Seal Coat (“A” Quality) (When Available)
  • CM-16 – 3/8″ 100% Crushed Washed
Special Materials
  • 3″ Round (3″ – 6″)
  • 5/8 – 2 1/2″ Mixed Stone
  • Pit Run
  • Black Dirt
  • Fill Dirt
  • Oversize
  • Flat Rock (When Available)
  • Boulders
  • Carus Mix
  • 1/8″ Minus
  • 3/8″ Special
  • FA-1 Natural Washed Sand
  • FA-2 Natural Round Sand
  • Fill Sand
  • CA-5 – 2″ Round (A-Rock)
  • CA-6 – Road Gravel Partial Crushed – Type B
  • CA-6 – PUG
  • CA-7 – 1″ Round (B-Rock)
  • CA-10 – Road Gravel Partial Crushed – Type B
  • CA-10 – Road Gravel- Modified (Available only upon request)
  • CA-14 – 5/8″ Round
  • CA-16- 3/8″ Round Seal Coat
Special Materials
  • Pit Run
  • Black Dirt
  • Fill Dirt
  • Oversize
  • Boulders

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We stock every type of natural-sized and crushed gravel materials, and are able to provide (or deliver) any amount that’s needed. Our quality control and assurance processes ensure that our materials will meet our customer’s (and the State’s) exacting standards.

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We offer a variety of ways to obtain your materials, from on-site pickup to delivery via truck or barge. Visit our Plants page for more details on the options for each location.